Zero Access Fees (ZAP) Available on Case-by-Case Basis

If you access U.R.N. through Summit Re, you also have access to ZAP. You can elect at the time of each transplant referral to use U.R.N.’s traditional facility terms, which have the access fee, or use the ZAP contract and not pay an access fee. Your actual transplant costs will be determined based on the terms you have chosen. Generally, the traditional terms will provide for a lower cost, even with consideration of the access fee, if the transplant situation turns out to be average or worse than average. On the other hand, the ZAP terms will generally perform better if it turns out that the transplant situation is much better than average.

ZAP provides contract terms which U.R.N. believes are superior to their competitors. While U.R.N. does not guarantee to always beat the competition, it is U.R.N.’s intent to maintain the best contracts as compared to its competitors, regardless of which U.R.N. option is selected.

Reinsurance incentives for the use of either U.R.N. program are available. For clients who choose the traditional access fee product, the access fee will continue to be treated as a claim cost. Summit Re receives no incentive payments for offering these network products to our clients. Our interest is to bring you effective programs and services to help manage your catastrophic risk. Please note that this program is only available through Summit Re.