Core Values

We’re in this together. Our customers are partners who work together with Summit Re to manage risk and protect resources. We’d much rather build a relationship than sell a product, because if you don’t succeed, we can’t either. 

That’s why our core values don’t revolve around sales goals or marketing metrics. Instead, they put the spotlight on the elements we feel will build long-term relationships. Please hold us to them:

  1. We will practice consistent and fair underwriting, which will produce balance sheet stability for our customers and a profit for our reinsurer.
  2. We will deliver benchmark customer service at efficient expense levels.
  3. We will offer value-added managed care programs to complement those of our customers, particularly in high-cost areas, such as organ transplantation, severe trauma, cancer and complex neonates.
  4. We will provide products and services to assist managed care customers desiring to expand into other fully-insured PPO/point-of-service/out-of-area programs, employer stop loss markets and group ancillary products.