Letter from the President

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Summit Re. Summit Re's primary objective is to help health plans, managed care organizations, and self-funded employers analyze, manage and transfer catastrophic medical risk to protect their balance sheets. Most healthcare organizations today are heavily burdened by the changes brought about by health care reform. Your company is likely being tested strategically, operationally, financially, and in interactions with regulators. While there are challenges, there also are opportunities, and utilizing external expertise through strategic business partnerships will be vital to your success. As your business partner, Summit Re can help mitigate the risk of uncertainty.

The way we do business is centered on the theme of perspective. You'll recall the old saying, "You can't see the forest for the trees." It's important to maintain a big picture perspective while also taking care of the details. Here, the catastrophic medical excess marketplace is the forest, our individual clients are the trees, and your specific coverage issues and needs are the leaves—and we address them all.

Summit Re was founded on these key principles:

  • Practice consistent and fair underwriting, which will produce a profit for our reinsurer and balance sheet stability for our customers.
  • Deliver benchmark customer service at efficient expense levels.
  • Offer value-added medical management programs to complement those of our clients, particularly in high cost areas such as organ transplants, traumas, and low birth-weight babies.
  • Provide products and services to assist customers desiring to expand into other fully insured PPO/point-of-service/out-of-area programs, employer stop loss programs, and ancillary product lines.

We focus on the customer. This means returning calls promptly, addressing concerns in a friendly and fair manner, and keeping the promises we make. If we take care of the customer, the rest will take care of itself. Based on discussions with you—the customer—we set standards for each process interaction. Then we monitor and report back to you on how we've done.

Healthcare reform presents many new problems and opportunities. Let's solve the problems and capitalize on the opportunities together. Please call me at (260) 469-3010 or email me if I can be of assistance to you. I look forward to hearing from you and appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and your organization.


Mark Troutman, President