Employer Stop Loss

As the costs associated with providing a healthcare benefit program continue to escalate, self-funding offers employers of all sizes a means to exercise control over those expenses through customized plan development, cash flow improvement, and more cost-effective claims payment. Stop loss insurance provides self-funded employers with protection against unforeseen catastrophic claims.

Summit Re draws from a deep well of medical excess of loss experience to offer innovative stop loss products that cover the spectrum of traditional products to customized solutions. In fact, our specific strengths lie in understanding the particular needs and risk appetite of each client and designing a program that fits accordingly.

We offer:

  • Specific stop loss—insurance protection against high claim expense on any one individual.
  • Aggregate stop loss—insurance protection against high claim expense on the entire group.
  • Spec/agg combination.
  • Small group programs with level-funded option.
  • Fronting and administrative services to allow clients to assume some portion of the risk.
  • Risk transfer through captives.
  • Medical management consulting through our Summit ReSources portfolio of services

Our coverage is issued by Companion Life Insurance Company, rated A+ Superior by A.M. Best. To learn more about employer stop loss options with Summit Re, contact us.