HMO/Medical Excess

In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare marketplace, the reinsurance partner you choose has to be flexible. Adaptable. Forward-thinking. Your partner has to not only understand risk, but also have the ability to craft the solutions that make the most sense for you--today and tomorrow. That’s why our clients choose Summit Re.

Summit Re provides customized solutions that go beyond the typical marketplace options. Depending on each client’s needs and risk appetite, our solutions may range from alternative excess reinsurance coverage designs to more sophisticated reinsurance risk transfer approaches that focus on the efficient use of capital. 

We offer:

  • Options for commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and point-of-service risk
  • Continuation of benefits due to insolvency option
  • "Pass-through" provider arrangements
  • Coverage for skilled nursing, rehabilitation and home health care without meeting acute care requirement
  • Coverage for long-term, acute-care facilities the same as for inpatient hospital confinements
  • Alternative funding designs that may include experience refund, swing rate, retained corridor, and/or aggregating specific
  • Unique coverage options like ReAlign 365 that apply a single deductible to claims that straddle plan years
  • Improved terms for qualified clients who utilize our ReAssure program
  • Summit ReSources portfolio of medical management services

Summit Re is the exclusive writer of HMO and medical excess products for Zurich American Insurance Company, rated A+ Superior by A. M. Best. To learn more about these reinsurance options with Summit Re, contact us.