U.R.N Programs for Specific Diseases: Cancer Resource Services (CRS)

Treatment of many cancers is complex and costly, representing approximately $18 million per 100,000 lives per year. CRS targets the relatively small number of complex cancer patients that drive the majority of medical expense. The new cancer annual incident rate is 0.23%, with 1/3 of those cases considered complex. (SEER Cancer Statistics Review 1975-2000, National Cancer Institute.) There are significant practice variability trends for complex cancers. CRS provides unparalleled clinical and economic value in managing complex cancers by:

  • Helping patients make informed decisions about their cancer care
  • Connecting patients with experts at the 15 cancer centers in the
  • U.R.N. Cancer Centers of Excellence Network.
  • Helping payers manage their cancer costs by providing contractual discounts and realizing cost avoidance savings
  • Procedure case rates for major surgical procedures in some contracts
  • Discounts of 15%-35% for outpatient and physician services
  • Lower case costs with shorter length of stay and cost avoidance by reducing unnecessary and inappropriate treatment

The U.R.N. Cancer Centers of Excellence delivers proven results.  An ROI of 2:1 to 4:1 is very achievable with good communication and implementation of referral strategies. U.R.N.’s fees are based on a percentage of savings.

Not all cancer diagnoses are appropriate for referral to CRS. Contact Debbie Stubbs at Summit Re if you would like a copy of the CRS referral diagnosis list.