First Dollar Coverage Under Managed Transplant Program

To further control the risk and volatility of transplant claims, outsourcing the financial risk and medical management of your transplants to U.R.N.’s Managed Transplant Program is a quick and easy way to reduce costs. The Managed Transplant Program provides a low-effort, low-risk way to manage costs on high-dollar claims. Transplant costs can be $4 million of exposure for a 100,000 member plan. U.R.N. is able to limit expenses associated with transplantation and to eliminate needless costs, such as inappropriate transplants and moving eligible patients to Medicare. A simple analysis will allow U.R.N. to provide a quote quickly.

Using the Managed Transplant Program enables your company to devote attention and resources to other priorities. First dollar transplant coverage through U.R.N. frees up reserves, allowing you to reinvest in your business and focus attention on reducing other expenditures for high cost diagnostic and service categories. In addition, first dollar transplant coverage through U.R.N. eliminates volatility. As always, you would have access to care using U.R.N.’s leading Centers of Excellence Transplant network.

The program is easy to implement; just contact Summit Re for more information.