Manage Cancers Through Summit ReSources

One of United Resources Network’s newest programs, Cancer Resource Services (CRS) program, is available to Summit Re clients.  It provides access to centers of excellence for complex cancer care, according to a recent teleconference presented by URN and hosted by Summit ReSources. Expense Savings

CRS can significantly reduce your complex cancer-related expenses. Expenditures in 2005 for complex cancer patients are predicted to reach $5.2 million for plans with 50,000 lives.  CRS can decrease claims costs by up to 41% through contractual discounts and cost-avoidance savings.

Quality Care

CRS significantly improves the quality of care delivered. Quality of care is demonstrated at Centers of Excellence cancer centers by fewer complications and higher survival rates.  Lengths of stay are shorter and patient satisfaction is higher.

Market Position

CRS will strengthen your position in the marketplace. By being the first to offer the program in your service area, you gain a competitive advantage. The program offers access to world renowned cancer centers and programs, both regionally and nationally. CRS directly addresses a high-profile, costly medical condition. CRS can begin to serve the needs of your complex cancer population immediately.

For information on how to access the CRS program, contact Debbie Stubbs at 260-407-3979 or