Managing Your Risk the Summit Re Way

The world is full of risks. These risks present opportunities and, if managed properly, rewards. Summit Re can help you understand the risk, follow the risk, capitalize on the opportunity and reap the rewards of properly managed opportunities.

Founding Principles

Summit Re was founded on four main principles:

  1. Practice consistent and fair underwriting which will produce a profit for our reinsurer and balance sheet stability for our customers.
  2. Deliver benchmark customer service at effective expense levels.
  3. Offer value-added managed care programs to complement those of our clients, particularly in high cost areas such as organ transplants, traumas and low birth weight babies.
  4. Provide products and services to assist managed care customers desiring to expand into other fully insured PPO/Point of Service/Out-of-Area programs and employer stop loss programs.

Summit Re can help you design and implement solutions to satisfy your risk management needs. You’ll see that we operate on a few simple tenets:

Enthusiasm – be enthusiastic about your job and the ability to make changes and meet customer requirements.

Optimism – be optimistic about the future and your ability to shape it.

Values – live your values. Stand for something. You are what you do.