Summit Re works with MedeAnalytics

Our ongoing commitment to support customers through our comprehensive case management service means that Summit Re continually evaluates third-party organizations to find the best possible partners. When we share information about a new company, it’s because we believe that our clients will benefit from its services. That’s exactly why we’re telling you about MedeAnalytics, Inc. MedeAnalytics stats The evolving healthcare landscape has forced employers to demand more complex information and insight from health plans at an increasingly rapid pace. Because traditional methods of mining data usually require a specific knowledge set for a few select individuals, cost and flexibility are often sacrificed. Alternately, MedeAnalytics provides an enterprise-level analytics solution that uncovers critical business insights and enables employers, health plans, provider organizations and third party administrators the ability to provide broad access throughout the organization—in an easy-to-use interface. MedeAnalytics offers modular solutions that touch nearly every aspect of the business.

Employer Reporting provides self-service analytics about financial, cost and utilization, and clinical experience.

Medical and Medicaid Management offers insights into provider performance, practice patterns, and high cost services in order to uncover savings opportunities by identifying areas for improvement.

 Population Health enables shared risk arrangements between health plans and providers to allow key decision-makers to evaluate scorecards and identify gaps in care workflow.

Network Management can help address such issues as value and usage, centers of excellence opportunities, and provider practice patterns. It can be used to assist with network design, as well as to identify cost and margin outliers.

Provider Engagement offers a critical view into the claims life cycle, provider networks, and value-based contracts, allowing health plans to collaborate with providers to both identify the root causes of underperformance and to pinpoint the drivers of high-performing partners.

HEDIS Quality Management provides scalable, NCQA-certified quality reporting with speed, frequency, and high-powered analytics.

Performance Management combines robust analytics with action planning, resource assignment, progress tracking, and performance monitoring—all in one closed-loop performance improvement system—to ensure the organization is on the same page at the same time, working toward the right goals, and achieving the best possible results.

MedeAnalytics helps clients achieve better outcomes—both clinical and financial—through expert data analysis.  Its products help providers and health plans detect their greatest areas of risk, identify opportunities to improve their financial health, use data to strengthen their operations and improve the quality of care.

We believe that MedeAnalytics can offer clients the potential for real savings.

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