Early Intervention Goal of New Clinical Notice Process

To better assist you in managing your risk and to minimize paperwork, Summit Re has significantly revised the notification process for high cost, catastrophic cases. The main goal of the revised process is to help you manage your risk while there is an opportunity to intervene. Under the current HMO reinsurance agreements, clients are required to notify Summit Re of members whose eligible expenses have reached 50% of the deductible. Currently, Summit Re receives the majority of the 50% notices from finance or claims departments. By this time, the claims have already been paid by you, and it is usually too late to implement any additional interventions that may help mitigate costs, as illustrated in the two examples below.

Summit Re will no longer require submission of a 50% notice report from the finance/claims area. Instead, we are requesting clinical notices from the medical management department. The clinical notices will be much more actionable, since services may still be in the pre-service negotiation phase, the case may be undergoing concurrent review and claims have not yet been paid.

As reinsurance agreements are renewed, the language regarding 50% notices will be revised to reflect the new process. The revised referral trigger list (CLICK HERE) keeps the focus on situations where Summit Re may be of assistance to you.

late notification